MESH Food Drive 2010

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MESH Food Drive 2010


Project Summary

MESH is going to raise food again for the South Hills Interfaith Ministries' food pantry in Bethel Park. SHIM distributes food in a respectful and dignified manner to hundreds of households on a regular basis. They almost never have enough donations to meet their needs and the shortage is always greatest in January and February.

Collections began on February 1 and will now end on February 22, 2010. Drop-off locations throughout the South Hills are advertised on this web site so anyone can find the one closest to them and more will be added as we go on. Any residence, business, or institution can collect food donations. On February 22, 2010, SHIM and MESH volunteers will collect all the donations and deliver them to SHIM's food pantry in Bethel Park. Anyone who was counting on the drive ending February 15 can still get their food collections picked up then.

Note: Due to the weather the food drive has been extended one week to Monday, February 22.

Quick Links:

Food Drive Flyer
Food Drop-off Locations
Suggested Donations
Collect Food at your Home
Food Drive Leaflet
Deliver Food to SHIM
Donate Money
Food Drive Press Release
Carrying Food


What You Can Do

There are a variety of roles you can fill. Whatever role or roles you choose we have all the tools you need right here:

  • Donate Food: Soup CanAbove all, the most important role is simply to donate food. Here is what you need:
    • Suggested Donations: Please donate any of these staples of the pantry.
    • Drop-Off Locations: Here is a map all the drop-off locations signed up so far. Bring your donation to one of these locations between February 1 and 22. If you have items that cannot freeze, consider donating to one of the sites at a business or institution.
  • Collect Food: Collecting FoodAny home, business, or institution can become a food drop-off location and people will bring food right to you. Just follow these easy steps:
    • Sign Up: Sign up to be a collection site.  If you're a MESH member, please login first so that the sign-up process is just one simple click.  If you'd rather, just call the MESH Hotline at (412) 637-2442 and we'll sign you up.
    • Collection Box: Put a cardboard collection box on your porch, or use a sealable plastic tub if your porch is not sheltered. Download and print the collection box label, or make your own. Bring any food you receive inside each night so it doesn't freeze. Call or email your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors and let them know you are collecting food.
    • Advertise on your Storefront: Businesses and institutions are encouraged to print and post this Storefront Display specially designed to let passers by know you are involved. Of course residences can use it too if they want.
    • Leaflet your Neighborhood: If you want, download and print out the Neighborhood Leaflet, put your name and address on it, copy it, and get some kids to leaflet your neighborhood. That really gets the word out.
    • Call for Pickup: At the end of the drive, call the MESH Dispatcher at (412) 451-8359 with your name and address and he or she will dispatch a van or car to your house to get the food. Or just deliver it yourself to SHIM at 5301 Park Avenue, Bethel Park, PA 15102-3641.
  • Spread the Word: Help get the word out to others in the South Hills communities.
    • Tell your Friends: Download and email the Food Drive Flyer to all your friends, and let them know they can forward it to as many people as they want.
    • Sign Up: MESH members can sign up to be a recruiter and convince others to be collection sites, including residences and businesses.
    • Media: Check out our Press Release. If you have experience in public relations, please call the MESH Hotline at (412) 637-2442 at once!
  • Deliver Food to SHIM: On the weekend of February 20-22 and especially on Monday February 22 we will need people with vans or SUVs and cell phones to pick up food from drop-off locations. If you signed up to be a runner for the 15th and can't make it on the 22nd, please contact the dispatcher at (412) 451-8359.
    • Sign Up: Sign up to be a runner.  Our dispatcher will call you well before the weekend to let you know what to expect and learn your hours of availability.
    • Bring a GPS: If you have one or can borrow it, it will be a big help, but it's not absolutely necessary because you'll have the phone numbers of the places you're going.
    • Pick Up and Deliver Food: Collecting FoodDuring your shift, the dispatcher will call your cell phone with one or more addresses to pick up food.  We may even be able to coordinate pickups geographically, but more than likely it will be a crazy mess!  Just bear with us and be flexible is all we ask, and hope we don't get too much snow.
  • Donate Money: If you prefer, money is always welcome. SHIM uses it to buy food as Sam's club. If you do give money, please indicate "MESH" in the memo of your check or electronic form. SHIM is a 501(c)3 organization and here are their public filings.
    • Direct Donation: SHIM takes direct donations on its site using Paypal
    • Anonymous Online Donation: If you prefer to give anonymously provides you a way to give while opting not to provide your identity. Be sure to uncheck the three boxes in the center of the donation page.
    • Check: Writing a CheckMake your check payable to SHIM, write MESH in the memo, and mail it to:
    •       South Hills Interfaith Ministries
            5301 Park Avenue
            Bethel Park, PA 15102-3641
            (412) 854-9120



Any home, business, or institution can become a food drop-off location and people will bring food right to you. Just follow these easy steps.


A recruiter enlists businesses, institutions, and residences to be collections sites.  A recruiter is responsible for providing instructions and materials for the sites they recruit.


On the weekend of February 13-15 and especially on Monday February 15 (President's Day) we will need people with vans or SUVs and cell phones to pick up food from drop-off locations.