Blood Drive 2010 Results

The 2nd Annual MESH Blood Drive was conducted July 10, 2010 at The Unitarian Universalist Church of the South Hills.  Ten Central Blood Bank staff were on site, and by all their accounts the drive was successful.  Special thanks to Kathy Ryan, our CBB Account Rep, Melissa Smith, our CBB Drive Supervisor, and Elizabeth Mortimer, UU Church Administrator for their professional effort.  53 donations were made to save local lives.  Mobile drives like ours account for 50% of the blood supply required by regional patients.

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The Numbers:

  • 63 appointments made, 4 cancellations, 12 no-shows (47 appointments kept)
  • 7 walk-ins
  • 54 folks came to donate
  • 5 deferrals
  • 49 blood donations (2 Quantity Not Sufficient)
  • 4 double red cell donations
  • 53 donations credited (51 actual units delivered)


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