Come See the Invisible Children Documentary: The Rescue

Come see The Invisible Children documentary The Rescue. Help end the longest was in Africa and bring the abducted children home! If one child was abducted in your neighborhood, would you help rescue them? What about 30,000 children? The thousands of abducted children in Uganda cannot remain invisible, and we will not pretend this genocide dose not exist. See the movie, spread the word.

July 12, 2009, 7 pm
Temple Emanuel
1250 Bower Hill Road

OFA Healthcare Action Center

  Visit the Organizing for America Health Care Action Center.

Call for Volunteers for the Denis Theatre

Dear Denis Theatre Supporter, We are back to full speed and have many activities planned for this summer, and WE NEED YOUR HELP to make them happen! If you have some time to spare we hope you’ll join us for one or more of these volunteer opportunities. Thanks for your past support, and we look forward to seeing you this summer.

Rally for Single-Payer Health Care in PA


Healthcare for All PA, and a coalition of like-minded organizations that includes the Pa. AFL-CIO; Pa. Council of Churches; Pa. Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals (PASNAP); The American Medical Student Association (AMSA); Pa. League of Women Voters, and others invites you to join them in Harrisburg on Thursday, June 11 from 11AM to 12:30 PM for a RALLY FOR SINGLE-PAYER HEALTHCARE FOR ALL on the Capitol Steps.

MESH Health Care Day of Service

view project
In honor of President Barack Obama's call for a National Health Care Day of Service, MESH is proud to announce that we will be having a blood drive. In concert with the Central Blood Bank, MESH will be trying to deliver over 100 units of blood. Using a combination of web-based tools and old-fashioned phone banking, MESH volunteers will reach out to South Hills residents to demonstrate their support of President Obama's health care reforms by donating blood.

ANSWER THE CALL  --  visit the Blood Drive Project Page.

Now thru July 9: Phone Canvassing
June 27: Major Phone Bank
July 4: Flyer/Handbill Canvassing
July 8: Phone Canvassing Party
July 11: Blood Donation

MESH Health Care Kickoff

MESH is hosting Health Care Organizing Kickoff events on June 6 in association with Organizing for America.  We will use these events to develop a strategy for lobbying efforts in our area and begin planning a project for the National Healthcare Day of Service on June 27.

2 events are planned so far.  Here are the sign-up links:
MESH Health Care Kickoff (10am - 12pm)
MESH Health Care Kickoff (12pm - 2pm)

Offense! Offense! Offense!

No, I'm not talking about why the Pens are the Eastern Conference Champions. I'm asking that you take the time to write our Senators to ask that they approve President Obama's choice for Supreme Court Justice: Sonia Sotomayor. The following are "talking points" you can use (presented courtesy of Here are addresses and email contact info for senators Casey and Spector:

My Thoughts on How MESH Should Proceed

hi dave and mesh folk everywhere,

It was nice to see you, Nina and Molly Rush again last nite. Here's my thinking on how mesh should proceed.

PUSH is Forming Local Action Groups in PA


The campaign to pass the Family & Business Health Security Act [SB400/HB1660] by the Pennsylvania Legislature has recently made some significant gains:

Questions Remain About Voting Machine Software Integrity

Voting Integrity Groups Issue Mixed Verdict After Firmware Investigation

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - April 6, 2008. As Pittsburgh approaches a contested mayoral primary and school districts across Allegheny County prepare to elect new directors, questions remain about the software controlling our voting machines. PA Verified Voting and VoteAllegheny have released their analysis of the December 22, 2008 post-election firmware examination carried out by SysTest Labs and the County Elections Division. The citizen groups commend Allegheny County and Commonwealth officials for improving election integrity and public confidence by examining a sample of machines. However, due to procedural limitations, the software coverage was incomplete and too few machines were examined. VoteAllegheny and PA Verified Voting hope Allegheny County's verification efforts in 2008 are improved on and can serve as a stepping stone toward election integrity efforts across Pennsylvania.

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